Business Growth

1618 Services Offer Cost Effective Solutions To Some Of Today's Key Business Challenges

  • Sales growth
  • Customer relationship strategy
  • New business development
  • New product sales
  • Credit control & cash flow
  • Back office functions

Our business was created in response to a very specific need in the business arena. Talking to business owners they all told us that it is hugely difficult and expensive to engage experienced and intuitive staff to grow or improve your business in any and all departments.

Having spent over 30 years working for large business to business sales and marketing organisations it became clear to us that the growth of many businesses across the country, that were clearly capable of profitable growth, was being held back by the unavailability of the right people and skills to drive it.

When you do the maths the cost of employing people, the kind of people that make a real difference , is the biggest stumbling block to progress. A good quality field salesperson for example will cost a minimum of £40K per annum and it doesn't stop there...

The Real Cost Of Employing Great Staff

When You Consider The Social Costs, Benefits And Training Requirements Of Your Staff It Will End Up Costing Double Or Even Treble The Headline Salary You Offer!

Once we identified the problem we set about finding a solution that would allow our customers to release their full potential without the huge cost burden of the investment required to achieve it . We needed to approach the problem in a completely new way that really gave our clients value whilst saving them money.

  • We work for you on contract basis so no pensions, NI or benefit additions
  • We can bring a skill set way beyond the cost involved
  • By employing a holistic approach we ensure success for you
  • You can pick from a tailored range services
  • Together we can create a bespoke solution to your business needs